The British Invasion Visited in April

There was a great turnout for popular band, The British Invasion, April 7th.  Playing all the greatest hits from the Beatles, to the Rolling Stones to Herman’s Hermits, the band rocked the house!  Many thanks to our sponsor C&C Real Estate for their ongoing support.

Here’s Yvonne’s comments on the evening:

“Just wanted to send a shout out to both of you for a job well done on Saturday evening.The dance was great fun and the band was fabulous!! We had a wonderful time. You two always put on a terrific evening of dancing.”

And Mary-Ann said:

“It was a lot of fun!
Really nice people and super friendly hosts!”

Check out the video from Saturday night!

Paint it Red!

A great crowd came out to enjoy the evening Saturday February 3rd at the Paint it Red Dance Party!  It was a fun night with a great new DJ and despite the cold weather, the hall was filled with lots of dancing and good times. 

We are pleased to have Little Peter & the Elegants returning March 3rd, and to announce a special event coming on April 7th when Dorothy and Stephanie bring The British Invasion, a British themed band to Oakville.  Mark your calendars and be sure to purchase your tickets for these events soon before they sell out!

Here are some pictures from February’s event – further pictures from previous events can be found here.

Thinking About Buying, Selling or Renting? Here’s Some Expert Advice

We are very pleased to have Carissa Turnbull of C&C Real Estate Group as one of our sponsors for Halton Dance Party.  As an expert in the real estate market and trends for the future we asked if she would provide us with some advice and knowledge in an informal Q&A. If you’d like to chat in more detail with Carissa, she can be reached at

Q. The real estate market seems to be slowing down – is it a good time to sell or should we wait a while?  Have new government rules changed the market?

A. The real estate market has slowed down when we consider the activity in the first quarter of 2017.  The number of sales as well as the average sale price has decreased over the last few months, however, if we look at the number of sales as well as the average price, we are currently still slightly higher than compared to one year ago.  The new government rules have affected certain neighbourhoods targeted by foreign buyers, but the numbers speak for themselves, we are still higher than last year even when we remove foreign buyers from the market.  The first quarter of 2017 was not a sustainable real estate market.  Returning to a more balanced market is better for both buyers and sellers.  As we start to see interest rates increasing, we might see more of a downturn in prices if there is a major increase to interest rates.  It’s still a good time to sell since interest rates are expected to continue to rise.

Q. Downsizing is an issue for many of us. Do you have thoughts on when to downsize and how to do it?

A. Having helped many people downsize into a more manageable property the best advice we can give is “you will know when the time is right.”  Everyone is different and everyone has different motivators to downsize.  We have heard comments such as “I feel like all I do is clean my home,” “I used to enjoy taking care of the gardens, now they feel more like work than pleasure,” “Taking care of my property is cutting into my social life,” “I want to lock the door and travel,” “I want to spend all my time with my grandkids.” When you start to feel the home is more burden than pleasure than it may be time to start thinking of downsizing.

Q. Leaving a house and moving to a condo is a big step.  Some of us wonder if we’d be happy living in a condo after many years in a house.  What are your thoughts on making the transition to condo living?

A. Condo living does not always mean living in a tall, small, condo apartment.  There are condo bungalows, condo townhouses and large condo apartments; all of which include outdoor maintenance like windows, roofs, gardening and snow removal, etc.  Not to mention, there are workout rooms, pools, clubs, social activities included in your condo fees.  Condo living is a lifestyle adjustment, but when you don’t have to worry about outdoor maintenance and property upkeep, your time is your own.

Q. Lease vs Rent vs Buy?  There are so many ideas about which is the best option – how do you help clients decide which one is right for them?

A. Tried, tested and true.  Real Estate is your home as well as a great investment.  Without knowing each person’s specific financial situation, it is tough to say which is the best option.  We are well versed in “working the numbers” on a monthly or annually basis for rentals or property purchases, so we can help you work things out. As a preliminary guide however, here are some things to take into account:

  • what are monthly costs of each option?
  • are utilities included?
  • how much are the property taxes?

Working through the expenses of each Lease, Rent or Buy scenario depends on the individual’s specific circumstances.  Start with our basic questions above to determine what might be the best fit for you. We are happy to help you work out the details of each option to find the right fit for you.

Q. There are many more mortgage options than there used to be – what are the best options today?

A. Variable Mortgage, Fixed Rate Mortgage, Home Equity Line of Credit, Reverse Mortgage, Money for Life Annuity Products.  Sounds confusing.  A mortgage broker/financial advisor should be consulted for your specific situational needs.  We have contact info for trusted advisors to provide information on all of these mortgage products to help you make an informed decision.

Carissa is happy to answer any questions you might have. No question is too small, so feel free to email Carissa at

Thank You To Our Wonderful Sponsors Who Provided Gifts & Prizes at our Holiday Dance

Our December 2nd event was a huge success raising $1910 for the Oakville Firefighters Annual Christmas Toy Drive.  We hear from attendees that they had a great evening of dancing and fun and we are delighted that everyone who came enjoyed themselves.

We couldn’t have had such a great night without the help of our wonderful sponsors who provided a variety of gifts and prizes to the event.  Here’s the list of our sponsors with a huge thank you from us.

Sponsors Who Provided Gift Cards to the Giving Tree
Walmart Oakville
Mirvish Theatre ( 4 tickets to plays)
Panasonic Theatre ( 4 tickets to plays
Johnny Walker Black
Oakville Theatre
The White Room Hair Salon
Ultimate Dining Card
Tryst Hair Salon
Canyon Creek
PC Food Card
Chapters (2)
PC Food Card (2)
The Works
Cluney’s Restaurant
Shoppers Drug Mart
LCBO (3)
Tim Horton’s
B Good
Catch Bronte
La Senza
Symposium Oakville
Olive Press
Boston Pizza
Hampton’s Restaurant



Thanks to Oakville Snap’d for Great Photos!

Oakville Snap’d publications attended our recent Holiday Dance Party and took some great pictures of the event!  Here are the pictures taken by the Snap’d photographer.  If you’d like to see more photos, take a look at our Photo Dance Album for this dance and previous ones.

This dance raised over $1900 for the Oakville Firefighters Toy Drive – please read our previous blog post to learn more.

A Big Thank You – Oakville Firefighters Toy Drive Receives $1910 Donation

A huge thank you to everyone who attended Saturday, December 2nd’s Holiday Dance Party – with your help we raised $1910 for the Oakville Firefighters Toy Drive.

Here’s Stephanie and Dorothy presenting the cheque to one of Oakville’s firefighting teams.

This donation comes at a crucial time for the toy drive as the Oakville Santa Claus parade was rained out this year. As a result, toy donations usually received at the parade were not made, so there was a shortfall of gifts for the holiday season. With the help of everyone who attended the dance, the monies raised will go towards providing gifts to over 200 children.  Many, many thanks!!

Help Us Support the Oakville Firefighters Christmas Toy Drive!

Over the past 25 years, thousands of children across Halton have received Christmas gifts as a result of the tireless volunteer efforts of the Oakville Firefighters Christmas Toy Drive.

The Toy Drive began 25 years ago, when one Oakville firefighter was inspired to take up a collection to bring holiday cheer to children in the care of child and family service organizations.

Over time, the scope of the Oakville toy drive has changed from providing a few gifts to families in need to today distributing toys and gifts directly to local families, institutions and community agencies supporting children and youth across Halton.

“We sometimes forget that although the Halton community is known for its affluence, there are still many families here who are challenged to provide Christmas toys and gifts to their children. Last year’s drive distributed toys to over 3200 children across Halton and we are working to increase that number this year, so every child in need receives a Christmas present,” says Kurt Merriman, Oakville Firefighters Toy Drive Committee Chair.

How can you help?

Oakville Firefighters Sorting Through Gifts

If you’d like to donate a gift to the toy drive, you can drop off your unwrapped item at the Oakville Santa Claus Parade on Saturday, November 19 or at any Oakville Fire Station by Monday, December 18 or you can purchase a raffle ticket at Halton Dance Party’s December 2nd dance event. All proceeds from the raffle are donated to the Oakville Firefighters Toy Drive. Last year $1300 from the raffle was donated to the Toy Drive!

It’s important to note that over 40% of the toys and gifts provided are for children over the age of ten. This can be a hard group to buy for as they’ve outgrown little kid toys and often want gift cards or more practical items.   Sometimes these kids might also live in group environments where certain types of gifts may be restricted.

Providing a financial donation to the Fire Department Toy Drive is the most practical way to provide a gift to a child or youth’s Christmas this year. Some retailers offer matching donations, so firefighters going to a big box store with a fixed amount of cash, will have that amount matched, doubling their purchasing power.

Purchase your ticket to the Dec 2nd event early as in addition to the Toy Drive, Little Peter and the Elegants are returning, so we know this will be a popular event! Be sure to bring a little extra cash to purchase raffle tickets in support of the toy drive!