Acclaim Health

Steph & Dorothy Present Cheque to Acclaim Health

Steph & Dorothy present a cheque to Acclaim Health’s Patricia Blakely and Carole La Tour

Dorothy and Stephanie were pleased to present a cheque to Acclaim Health on behalf of all the attendees at the April 1st Spring Fling Dance Party.

Acclaim Health is dedicated to providing a broad spectrum of community health support services to the Halton region. Its mission is to provide people with quality, community-based health care solutions. The funds raised at Spring Fling are in support of Acclaim Health’s many free community programs for seniors, including support for frail isolated seniors through friendly visits and telephone reassurance calls, home exercise programs to help increase frail seniors’ strength, balance and mobility, volunteer visits to people with memory impairment and support to their caregivers, as well ongoing support for their hospice program.

With so many free programs, Acclaim Health needs community support to keep  services up and running.  You can help support Acclaim’s many programs Friday, May 5th at Party with a Purpose.  Tickets are still available, so join us there and pick up your ticket soon. Tax receipts will be available following the event.



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