food4lifeOn behalf of all the attendees at the January 7th dance, Stephanie and Dorothy were pleased to provide a donation of $820 to Brenda Hadju, Executive Director of Food For Life. This donation raised at the dance will provide the equivalent of 2460 meals to needy families and individuals across Halton– an amazing, rewarding outcome from one Saturday evening dance.

Stephanie & Dorothy present funds to Brenda, Executive Director

Stephanie & Dorothy present funds to Brenda, Executive Director

Food for Life is a local food based charity that sources and distributes fresh and nutritious food to those in need and is the largest food redistribution network in Halton. It provides food for more than 200,000 meals per month – the equivalent to 2.5 million meals annually. As a charity that serves other charities, it supports more than 80 food banks and community food programs.

To find out more about Food For Life, check out its website or read the report about the organization from Charity Intelligence, a charity rating agency that named Food For Life one of the Top Ten Charities in 2016, based on impact per dollar donated.

Halton Dance Party hosts monthly dances at the Knights of Columbus in Oakville, supporting different local charities at each event.

Halton Dance Party and organizers Stephanie Etherington and Dorothy Towey are grateful to the growing number of participants at each dance for their support, and look forward to helping charities across Halton raise funds and bring awareness to their individual causes